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Cancun, MX Indian Fusion Wedding by Gareth Davies Photography


Playa del Carmen, MX Indian Wedding by Novia Mia Photography


Ever since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated with sarees. I always took my mom's sarees and wrapped it around me like I was a big shot around the house! I learned how to put on my first saree in the 11th grade while watching my mother put one on herself. Just seeing how 9 yards of fabric can be turned into a beautiful outfit really amazed me. I loved how one saree could be worn in multiple ways, flattering all body-types. I practiced on my mom, sister, and all my church friends at our Dallas Kna Convention. I began to drape all of my friends in college for various events as well! A good friend of mine named Benita suggested that I should take this talent and turn it into a business for myself. Although the thought seemed a little scary, I went for it knowing I had the support of my family and friends. In October of 2014, I draped my first bridesmaids at a wedding. I absolutely loved playing a role in making someone's big day look perfect. Making sure each bridesmaid felt beautiful, comfortable, and elegant in their sarees gave me such a great sense of fulfillment. Ever since that first wedding in 2014, I have been draping for individuals, events, weddings, etc. As of right now, my record stands at draping 34 people in 48 hours! I am so thankful for all of the constant support my clients have given me. This small draping business has taken off in ways I can't begin to imagine, and I love every minute of making each client feel their absolute best in their saree! When I'm not draping, I work as a Substitute Teacher in Garland ISD. I absolutely love what I do and working with kids brings me so much joy. I'm also pursuing my master's degree in Health Systems in Management & MBA at Texas Woman's University!








JJ Drapes

Dallas, TX Indian Wedding by William Bichara Photography

We are back with the second installment of today's Texas fueled bash! Dimple & Jiten tied the knot big time and of course, we had to share the highlights of that magical day. As we saw in part one, the pre-wedding rituals were incredibly tasteful and glamorous. Just like you would expect out of a grand Indian wedding. The main ceremony, as...


Dallas, TX Indian Wedding by William Bichara Photography

Welcome, Maharanis! Wednesday is here and also Dimple & Jiten's electric celebration, coming all the way from Texas. The bride was looking absolutely impeccable during all the previous rituals and during the major ceremony. It had to be like that, the most important day of her life was just around the corner and she had to be glowing. The ...


Dallas, Texas Indian Wedding by Epic Productions

Marriott Las Colinas will always have a special place in my heart. No matter what your wedding dreams are, this magical venue pretty much has it all! The spacious quarters welcomes all styles, celebrates all backgrounds, and entertains all generations. Today, we get to celebrate Maharani Susan and Noel. After the magical wedding ceremony, it was ti...


Dallas, Texas Indian Wedding by Epic Productions

As I peruse through these wedding portraits, I can’t help but think how uncanny Susan and Noel's love is. And, it shows! Every image of this Maharani's Fusion Indian wedding captured by Epic Productions is so eye appealing that I just can’t wait to divulge all the details. Indian weddings are in my blood and the union of two backgrounds...



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